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What is Cloud Mining?


The essence of this method of obtaining a crypto currency. You lease the production capacity from their owner for a certain amount of money. He day and night, you crypt. In the English-speaking sector of the Internet, this procedure was called "cloud mining". You do not have to sit around the computer for a day, you can do your own business and periodically look at your account.

It should be understood that such remote mining is carried out using powerful data centers. Its equipment is guaranteed to "repel" the funds invested in it.




Like physical mining, the extraction of crypto-currency with the help of the "cloud" has its pluses and minuses. First about the pros:

- This is a great way to earn popular types of crypto currency with minimal investment.

- The user does not need to pay bills for electricity, adjust and monitor the operation of the equipment.

- The yield of such a method of mining is often higher than the production of crypto currency on its own equipment.

- You can simultaneously crypt several currencies.




- The fall in the price of the extracted crypto currency (at home you can rebuild your farm for another crypto currency, in case of "cloud mining" you will have to wait for the end of the paid time).

- Breakdowns on the side of data centers, their providers and other actors involved in the chain.

- Transfer of money for a service to an unconscientious seller.

- Hacking burglaries and theft of funds (in history this has been more than once).

To minimize risks, you can use several services of this kind or invest in one that has the best reviews on the Internet.




Today, the most common are three types of cloud mining:

- Hosting. You can rent equipment from its owner.

- Shared hosting. Rent a server from its owner, with the subsequent installation on it of its programs for the extraction of crypto currency.

- Rental capacity. Remote server power lease for mining without the possibility of its physical maintenance.




Bitcoin is the most popular crypto currency. It is thanks to Bitcoin today in the world there are more than 150 crypto-currencies. Cloud mining of bitcoins is one of the ways of investment, which at the moment is quite successful. Thanks to Bitcoin's growth, the funds invested in its mining surpassed investments in Apple, Tesla. But, at the moment, not all cloud services offer BTC mine at their expense.




Ether is considered by many to be the best alternative Bitcoin. Transactions with Ether are faster, and this is despite the fact that the blocking agent of this crypto currency checks the accounts and balances of used purses, as well as the "state". Which opens more opportunities for the Etherium than for Bitcoin. And this is only one advantage of the brainchild of Vitalik Buterin. The cloud-based mining of the Etherium, the second most popular crypto currency, can be paid in HashFlare.




To choose a service for cloud mining, it is necessary to decide for how long we rent equipment and what its capacity is. Most often in the network you can find services that offer to conclude a lease of equipment for a year. But, there are also those who offer their equipment indefinitely. Short-term and medium-term options are more inherent in the new altcoyins. If you believe in a young crypto currency, you can earn on it by investing your money for a short time. For example, for six months.

Choose such services, which without unnecessary expenditure of money will begin to bring a regular flow of crypto currency to your wallet. But, of course, do not forget about force majeure situations. It is not rare that there are cases of bankruptcy of companies providing such services. In addition, the rapid growth of "digital money" attracted fraudsters to this segment of the market.



To find the cloud mining service and not lose your money, you need to read reviews on the Internet about each cloud-mining service. Reliable cloud mining can be found by communicating on forums with those who are engaged in this type of investment. When choosing a company for virtual mining, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the feedback of those who used it. Here another criterion is important: the payback period of investments. It can not be less than 6-9 months. If the company offers you to get income after 1-2 months, you can be sure that it's scammers.



Many consider this service for remote mining of bitcoins second, after Genesis-Mining. It belongs to the company HashCoins - the world's manufacturer of miners. Which, on the one hand, adds credibility to this project.

The data center with equipment for mining is located in Tallinn.

Here you can buy:

- Sha-256 and Scrypt (forever).

- Etherhash and X11 (for a year).

To pay for equipment you can use different methods from bitcoin-purses and to Webmoney, credit cards.

When purchasing equipment, you can independently choose a pool or even several, distributing your capacities among them. Cloud Hashflare can be used with a small amount of money. And the cost of this service is one of the smallest at the moment.



Cloud mining is a great way to invest money. But, you do not need to use it as a way to earn money. This market is very unstable and is only at the initial stage of its development. Use cloud mining as an additional tool to invest your funds.