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The global ICO market continues to show growth

Investors continue to invest in crypto-currency start-ups, participating in the primary placement of tokens (ICO), despite the growing regulatory pressure.
Over the period from January to May 2018, ICO raised a total of $ 11.8 billion, which is twice as high as the same period a year earlier ($ 5.5 billion), according to the Wall Street Journal, based on the data from the ICOBench.com platform about 900 transactions.

The ICO market continues to grow, despite tightening regulation, including from the SEC, as well as regular reports of fraudulent transactions and a general fall in the prices of crypto-currencies.

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Mastercard has patented the technology of anonymous blocking transactions

In spite of open hostility to crypto-currencies, the MasterCard financial services giant received several patents in the field of blocking this week. Particularly interesting is the patent, which describes the system for making anonymous transactions in blockbusters.

The patent, published by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), describes a system that facilitates anonymous transactions in a detachment. MasterCard believes that the excessive transparency of conventional blocking transactions prevents the adoption of this technology in daily payments. And, this applies to both business and individual consumers.

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Bitfinex will start providing regulators with tax data for customers

The Bitfinex Exchange, known for its opaque banking operations, began to require users to provide tax data. The platform, registered in the British Virgin Islands, a well-known safe haven for tax evaders, will retain this information and be able to share it with tax authorities in the jurisdictions of its clients. The news caused a real stir and discontent of the users of the site.

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Prices for crypto-currencies are down, Coincheck is planning to work in the USA

On Friday, the Crypto currency fell. The bitcoin rate is kept close to a minimum in two months.

By 15:58 GMT bitcoin fell 2.03% and traded at $ 8122.00 on the Bitfinex exchange.

The value of other crypto-currencies also decreases. The second largest capitalization of Ethereum's crypto currency at the Bitfinex exchange depreciated by 2.33% to $ 681.53. The third largest digital currency, Ripple, fell 2.98% and traded at $ 0.66897. At the time of writing, Litecoin fell 4.01% to $ 132.64.

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Dmitry Marinichev spoke about the payback period for mining

During a press breakfast on the eve of the World Summit on Crypto-Currency and Blockbuster WBCSummit, which will be held on May 19-20, Internet Ombudsman Dmitry Marinichev stated that it is possible to count on gaining profit from the mining 8-12 months after the beginning of this process.

"For today, the profitability of mining taking into account the rate and cost of equipment is from 8 to 12 months.This is a direct recoupment, calculated from the cost of equipment, as well as the costs of maintenance and clearance," he said.

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Traffic to the leading crypto-exchange exchanges for February fell by half

According to the website of Similarweb, users have become much less likely to use accounts on crypto-exchange exchanges. On average, traffic leading to the sites of the Crypto-currency exchanges fell by half since the beginning of the year and reached the level of November 2017.
For example, in December the number of visits to the Coinbase exchange was 170 million, in January it was only 123 million, and in February this figure dropped to 63 million pvizitov, which is 49% less than the January figures. The attendance of Kraken's crypto-kirke fell by 56%: from 31 million visits in January, to 13 million in February. The attendance of Binance sagged by 54%: from 191 to 87 million visits for the same period. At Bitfinex, attendance declined by 48%: from 35 to 18 million, while in December there were almost 60 million visits.

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Prices for crypto-currencies decreased after warning of the Japanese regulator

On Friday, bitcoin and other crypto-currencies became cheaper after Japan issued a warning to the Binance Bourse Exchange, and France considered the adoption of the ICO law.

By 14:17 Moscow time at the Bitfinex exchange, bitcoin fell by 3.78% and traded at $ 8471.3. During today's session, a minimum of $ 8,375.8 was recorded. In December, bitcoin reached its historic high close to $ 20,000, and in early February its rate dropped to $ 6,000.

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The British payment provider Payza has integrated the Dash crypto currency

Team Dash announced a partnership and integration with the British online payment provider Payza. Since this provider has already added several ways to support crypto-currency transactions, Payza users can now send Dash to each other, pay for purchases in more than 100,000 online stores, and also exchange Dash for 25 different financial currencies or bitcoins. This was reported to ForkLog by representatives of Dash.

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In the Czech Republic, tomatoes were grown on heating from mining

Co-founder of the Czech currency exchange NakamotoX, Kamil Breiha, launched a block-start-up, which is engaged in the cultivation of crops with the help of heat generated during the production of crypto-currency.
The project, information about which had not been disclosed before, now allowed to harvest the first crop - five acres of crypto-tomatoes. Now it will become the basis of the business direction called Agritechture.

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