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Binance creates its own block and decentralized stock exchange

For six months the Binance currency exchange has become one of the most popular platforms in the world for trading crypto-currencies.

It would seem that the project has reached the highest point of development. However, the management of the exchange decided not to stop at what was achieved and move on. On March 13, a message appeared on the exchange's website that Binance intends to launch its own blocking shop Binance Chain, on the basis of which a new decentralized exchange and its own crypto currency will function.

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Unknown billionaire from China bought 96,000 BTC

An unknown Chinese billionaire, hiding under the pseudonym "Yi Mei", bought 96,000 BTC worth more than a billion dollars, the news portal financemagnates.com reports. In the light of the fact that China is trying hard to regulate the crypto-currency market inside the country, this purchase looks very paradoxical.

Since the buyer wished to remain anonymous, various versions and rumors are being discussed. According to one of them, in a major acquisition, William Dean (William Dean), recognized in 2003 as the richest man of China, is suspected. According to the magazine Forbes, his fortune reaches $ 18.2 billion. Because of the massive spread of rumors, William was forced to publicly say that he is not related to this purchase and has never owned bitcoins.

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Tom Lee predicts new records of bitcoin in July

New price records bitcoin will show in July 2018, says the well-known financial expert and ex-analyst of financial holding company JPMorgan Chase, Tom Lee.

Recall that the historical high of $ 19 511 bitcoin rate reached in mid-December 2017. The period from December 18, 2017 to February 6, 2018 marked a significant correction, which resulted in bitcoin fell by 70%. In the last week, the bitcoin rate is recovering and on February 15 it rose again above $ 10,000, and at the end of the day on February 17 there is about $ 10,800. Tom Lee believes that such dynamics of bitcoin prices correspond to the "V-shaped" pattern.

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The richest players in the digital currency market

Investing in crypto currency is fraught with increased risks, and the volatility of this market sometimes leads to the loss of large amounts - as it was recently.

Forbes magazine published for the first time the rating of the richest investors who became rich on crypto-currency transactions. In order to get on this list, you need to have at least $ 350 million in capital.

The first line of the rating is co-founder and former CEO of Ripple Chris Larsen. It owns 5.2 billion tokens of Ripple - the third crypto currency for capitalization. The state of Larsen is estimated at about $ 7.5-8 billion.

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Mastercard plans to patent 30 block development projects

The payment system Mastercard plans to patent 30 of its own developments based on the technology of blockade.

The company carefully studies the capabilities of distributed registry technology, considering it promising in the organization of payments. Mastercard called the technology interesting and stressed that the company is monitoring what is happening in this area.

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Traders from Wall Street do not lose hope

Traders from Wall Street do not lose hope. Despite the sale, which began in 2018, the head of the research department of Fundstrat Global Advisors, Tom Lee predicts a good year for digital currencies.

In a message released for the company's customers, Lee noted that in the past similar sales were accompanied by a sharp recovery, and advised investors to buy cheaper assets, even taking into account the risk of further decline.

The sale caused a decrease in the rate of bitcoin, which traded at $ 19,000 in December, more than double the current value.

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Prices not bitcoin and other crypto-currencies stabilized after their sharp fall

Investing.com - On Sunday, the cost of major crypto-currencies, including bitcoin, remained stable after a sharp decline on Friday, as a result of which the rate of bitcoin fell below $ 8000 for the first time since November.

At 12:04 on the Bitfinex exchange bitcoin traded at the position of $ 8970.00.

On Friday, bitcoin fell 12%. Since the beginning of the week, the cost of bitcoin has fallen by 30% due to fears of tightening the rules of trade on the part of regulators.

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7 possible scenarios of the destruction of bitcoin

Financial consultant Sebastien Meunier (Sebastien Meunier) suggested seven possible (and unlikely) scenarios for the collapse of bitcoin, which could be realized in the next few years.

Before we proceed to the assumptions, let's start with the facts - bitcoin was declared dead more than 200 times. Despite the fact that the first crypto-currency in the world for more than 9 years works practically without fail, it is still fashionable to predict its demise. Many experts are known for continuing to predict the death of bitcoin, despite the fact that every day the network refutes their assumptions.

But if we assume that these people still have a certain level of intelligence, the only explanation for the failed predictions and emotional statements is that they did not devote enough time to studying the work of the network.

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Pressure on crypto currency is increasing

The pressure on Bitcoin and other crypto currencies is not weakening, and the number of recognized industry experts beating alarm is not decreasing.

Even with the recent correction, Goldman Sachs still believes that digital currencies show all the signs of a "bubble". According to the company's representatives, the current situation is worse than the dotcom boom two decades ago and the tulip fever of the 17th century.

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