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Earnings on entering CAPTCHA in dollars with 2captcha

Service 2captcha is a typical site for earning on the input of captcha with a simple and intuitive interface, any newcomer can understand, no problem that the site is completely made in English.
At the same time, the site 2captcha is reliable and reliable, which is especially important - without divorce and delays pays the earned money.
Registration for performers is free and free for all.
The site is young, rapidly developing, more and more people are trying this way of earning on the Internet without investments, there are many positive recommendations in the network.

On the site 2captcha there is the possibility of a good, quick and easy earning for a novice user for a simple task: recognizing captcha, entering letters, numbers and signs from pictures - this is the meaning of earning on CAPTCHA.

What is captcha and why it is needed, captcha is a distorted image, a picture with text, a combination of letters with numbers, or, for example, you need to select pictures that represent only certain objects that are recognized only by a person. Programs or spam bots automatically recognize such combinations from pictures can not.

Thanks to the 2captcha website, any novice user can earn money by entering captcha, and customers (webmasters) can get API for automatic captcha recognition for not too high a payment and an artist to recognize the captcha.
In the network you can find many comments and feedback on the site 2kapcha, in most they are positive.
Negative responses about 2captcha are written by people who do not understand that this kind of simple earnings for everyone is just a small part-time on the Internet, for those who have free time. Kapcha earnings are not a substitute for real work.

Register for 2Captcha here.

To start earning at 2captcha.com, you need to register, and you need to register as a worker.

The 2captcha project is a foreign site similar to the site for earnings at the input of Captcha Rukapcha (ruCaptcha.com), in principle the difference lies in the interface language for the interface in Russian, and 2kapcha in English.

Which is better 2captcha (2kapcha) or ruCaptcha (Rukapcha) I from personal experience believe that 2captcha, pay there a little more and captcha only in English, do not waste time switching the layout on the keyboard.
2kupcha better Rukapcha and MegaTypers, I also do not recommend working on the service kolotibablo (antigate) there banyat people indiscriminately.

If you are already registered there, then to register on the site 2captcha use another mailbox.

To start earning, you need to log in to 2captcha, enter the e-mail and password you specified during registration, click Start Work button in the personal cabinet, and then click Start.

After pressing the Start button, you will see the captcha that you need to enter in the input field and press the Send (Enter)

Secrets of earnings on the input of captcha on the site 2captcha


The best time of day for working at the Capci input is night, at night, 2 times more is paid for entering the captcha.

The site 2captcha has a mobile version, you can use android (android) devices (tablets, mobile phones) for earning on CAPTCHA.

The most important secret of the big earnings for 2captcha (2kapcha) is use the program 2CaptchaBot and unravel basically ReCaptcha - it's easier to do and pay more, $ 1 (WMZ) for the input of 1000 captcha. (You can download 2CaptchaBot on the page where you will solve the CAPTCHA, there will be such an inscription on top - For PCs: increase your earnings - work through 2CaptchaBot)

Another secret increase your reputation (rating) by 2captcha (2kapcha), do you need it? When typing reputation 3, you can choose to solve only Google Captcha ReCaptcha (rekapcha - the most expensive and simple captcha), for entering 1000 captcha give one unit of the rating.

Registration on 2Captcha.