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How to convert one coin to another in CoinPot

In my opinion, the developers of moon bitcoin taps (Moon Dogecoin, Moon Litecoin, Moon Cash, Moon Dash, Moon Bitcoin), as well as BitFun and Bonus Bitcoin, made these projects very interesting by connecting them all in one CoinPot micro wallet. On ordinary sites, we collect one or another coin bit by bit and the withdrawal of these coins on purses or cryptocurrency exchanges becomes a real problem, since all of these sites have a minimum of withdrawal and not everyone comes to the point where he can withdraw coins.

In this micro wallet Coinpot surpassed all of them by combining seven Bitcoin taps with the ability to convert one coin into another.

And so from all seven bitcoin cranes, we collect coins in the CoinPot micro wallet, and as a bonus for each collection we receive three coinpot token counters, which can also be exchanged for crypto coins. And so, how to exchange one coin for another:

Go to the CoinPot and see on the monitor a picture

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On the left in the menu there is a list of all crypto coins and tokens in the wallet of CionPot, click on the coin we want to exchange, we see such a picture below

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For example, I want to change the coinpot tokens to bitcoin, clicking on the coinpot tokens in the first menu on the left, now I’ll not need to click on the phrase Convert coinpot tokens to ... and the menu appears below.

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Here, at the top, they write to us that the commission is not charged for the exchange, the exchange takes place at a rate that can change during the day, the conversion will be done instantly, and the conversion cannot be canceled after it ends! And further:

Convert to - here we choose which coin to convert (in my case, I change the coinpot tokens to bitcoin)

Conversion rate - here on show what exchange rate at the moment

Amount to convert - here we write how many coins or tokens we want to exchange, if you click on the word maximum, the system automatically puts all the number of coins you have (in this example, these will be "coinpot tokens")

Amount you will recieve - this is how much you get in the coin for which you are exchanging.

2FA code - is two-factor authentication (you will have this field when you connect 2FA on your wallet - two-factor authentication).

That's all, now you know how to exchange coins in your Coinpot wallet. At the bottom, I added another picture as an example of completely filled fields, for example, again, I took tokens to exchange.

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As you can see, I can exchange my tokens for 0.00048027 BTC. Thus, by exchanging all your coins into one, you can withdraw the accumulated money to your main wallet or to a crypto currency exchange, where you can intelligently increase your coins. Good luck and thank you!