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How to get the extracted crypto currency from MinerGate

After you get the necessary minimum for the output of the crypto currency, it can be withdrawn. But where and how?

The withdrawal of the extracted crypto currency from the service is most convenient on the POLONIEX exchange. This site will serve as an intermediate link to which you can withdraw the extracted crypto currency and exchange it for a more suitable one that can be transferred to your personal bitcoin purse or used in trade.

Registration on poloniex will not take much time. And now we deduce. We click on the "Withdraw" button on the Minergate website and enter the necessary parameters "Address" and "Payment ID". If you want to print the total amount, the "Amount" field can be left blank, if you want to deduce a certain amount, then specify it in the "Amount" field.

And where can I get the "Address" and "Payment ID"? And on the site to which we deduce - POLONIЕX. Open the "Balances" window ⇒ "Deposit & Withdraws".

In the window that opens, select the desired currency, click "Deposit".

Next, a window will open in which "Payment ID" has already been generated to open the address line, click on the line below - "Deposit Address".

Everything, your requisites are ready and now they can be copied and pasted into the appropriate windows. The translation will come pretty quickly. Check it will be possible on the page "Balances" ⇒ "History".

Exchange instruction for POLONIEX

1. Use a better Yandex browser, or Google-Chrome, but not Mozilla - it hangs on the currency exchange page. By default, I defined the crypto currency as an example. This "BCN" (Bytecoin), it can be used thanks to the program as well as any of the proposed crypto currency; and you can even kill everything at once, if your processor does not "jam". Be careful and install the appropriate widget, showing the load on your computer during its operation!

2. Open the "Exchange" page

3. In the upper right corner in the column "Markets" choose "BCN" (this is the Bytecoin currency).

4. As a result, we'll see three blocks in the center of the page (below the graph). Choose the far right - "SELL BCN". This should reflect the cash you have in this currency, which was transferred from the site ru.minergate.com.

This is a warrant for the sale of BCN. Click the number to the right of the phrase "You have", after which the system will recalculate the result from the sale of Bytecoin, will issue the total amount and amount of commission for exchange. If you are satisfied with everything, just click the "Sell" button.

The system will allow you to exchange, provided that your sum in terms of bitokoyny will not be less than 0.0001.

5. Then, if you wish to further withdraw funds to Bitcoin to an external / personal wallet, simply go back to the "Balances" section ⇒ »Balances« ⇒ "Deposit & Withdraws", find in the Bitcoin list click now "Withdrawals" and fill out the withdrawal form , where "Amount" is the amount, "Address" is the address of your Bitcoin-purse.

Mining of crypto currency

What is Mining?

What is mining, know not many. Also, not everyone knows that the Internet is not just a container of a huge amount of information, the possibility of unlimited communication and entertainment. This is also a convenient tool for earning.

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What is Cloud Mining?


The essence of this method of obtaining a crypto currency. You lease the production capacity from their owner for a certain amount of money. He day and night, you crypt. In the English-speaking sector of the Internet, this procedure was called "cloud mining". You do not have to sit around the computer for a day, you can do your own business and periodically look at your account.

It should be understood that such remote mining is carried out using powerful data centers. Its equipment is guaranteed to "repel" the funds invested in it.

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What is a crypto currency

The Crypto currency was published in the Forbes magazine in 2011. And since that time the name has become firmly in use.

Crypto currency is a special kind of electronic means of payment. Strictly speaking, this is a mathematical code. It is called so because the cryptographic elements, namely the electronic signature, are used for the circulation of these digital money.

The units of measurement in this system are "coins". Crypto currency has no real expression such as metal coins or paper banknotes. This money exists only in digital form.

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The history of Bitcoin

Crypto currency is considered the future of the financial system: many believe that soon bitcoin will replace all cash and bank cards. Given how quickly the digital currency sphere develops, such an assumption is justified. About the impressive yield received by traders in 2017 already said a lot, so we propose to go back to 2009, when bitcoin just came into being.

In January 2009, someone under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto presented the first version of the bitcoincheck to the public and organized the launch of the system. It is still unknown who is behind the pseudonym Nakamoto. Journalists have repeatedly tried to reveal the identity of the mysterious creator of bitcoin, but so far these attempts have not been crowned with success.

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Wallet Blockchain

One of the most topical directions in the development of the crypto-currency market is the increase of usability. At the dawn of Bitcoin, users were ready to be content with complex desktop applications. Today, the audience has significantly expanded, and purse owners want to conduct an audit without difficulties, as well as quickly and easily bring bitcoins to the map. It is such an effective, and most importantly - extremely clear functional offers Blockchain. Service is very popular, as evidenced by statistics. At the moment, the number of registered purses on the Blockchain service exceeds three million. Owners of crypto currency trust such a reliable and convenient way of storing virtual savings. Now they do not need to download the distribution kit for 30 gigabytes, put a stationary application on your home PC, and synchronize your personal wallet every day with the entire history of Bitcoin transactions.

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I want to make money on fluctuations in the bitcoin rate. How to predict the value of a crypto currency?

Behind every leap of the bitcoin course there are hundreds, thousands, or even millions of dollars, which some lose, while others put in their pockets. To be among the winners, you can turn to the fish-oracle and hope for luck, but it is better to learn to read the signals of the market yourself. We share the observations of experts on how to predict the value of crypto-currency.

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Seven rules of safe trading on the stock exchange crypto currency

Consider seven simple, but very important and fundamental rules of trading on the Bitcoin market and other crypto currencies, which will help novice traders not to stay at a loss.

You can play on the stock exchange only with the money that you do not mind losing.

In no case can you invest in the crypto currency all the savings or take out loans, which, sooner or later, will have to be given. Playing the last money can not be calm, confident and long-term. So it leads to hasty decisions and inevitable losses.

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Basic principles of crypto currency trading

Before, as soon as possible, to study several "universal" technical indicators and choose a popular crypto-exchange, one must once and for all learn some of the key principles of trading. The list below is, of course, not exhaustive. However, to start these principles is enough, because experience comes with time.

Start trading with free funds that are not afraid to lose

The main part of crypto-currency savings is better not stored on a centralized exchange, but in a reliable purse. These funds can be considered as long-term investments.

At the same time, frozen assets on crypto-jersey can mean a lost short-term or medium-term gain for a trader, since they are not involved in the turnover. Thus, some of these funds can still be launched into several crypto-exchange exchanges.

Do not open the position for all money - it will be safe for beginners to practice on small transactions, each of which can be limited, say, 1-2 percent of the deposit. Gradually, with the acquisition of skills and self-confidence, this limit can be raised slightly. If you can not wait to go to a larger percentage of the deposit, then it is better to wait for the most favorable moment for this - for example, a good correction of the price of the asset.

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